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Bio-mixed color

REEGOX Crossbow Bolts 20 inch Carbon Crossbow Arrows with 4-Inch Vanes(Pack of 12)

Price: $30.99

  • 〓►NEW ARRIVAL——REEGOX new colorful crossbow bolts bring your hunting or targeting experience more memorable.
  • 〓►Designed for beginners and youth hunters, these crossbow bolts bringyou speed, kinetic energy and accuracy.
  • 〓►EXTRAORDINARY DURABILITY for extended use.
  • 〓►Material of arrow shaft : Carbon composite;Length:20″ .Suitable for: Crossbows/Xbows.
  • 〓►Standard point, insert and nock allow you to obtain crossbow accessories for repair with ease.Bolts come with 4″ tpu vanes, inserted moon nocks.

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REEGOX Bio crossbow bolts are designed for beginners and whoever new to hunting and archery.
Arrow Specification
·Shaft length:20”
·Total Weight: About 440grains
·Come with target points
·Fixed insert
·Moon nock
·Pack of 1 dozen
User Notice
1.Warning:check for damage before each shooting
2.Do not shot against concrete wall or any hard substance. This may damage the arrows.
3.The vanes may be bent because of long way transportation,but it can recover by using an air dryer or soaked in hot water for a while.
4.The use of an overdraw significantly increases the risk of injury to the shooter.
5.Archers or people who need excellent accuracy and consistency, please try another product in our store (Ares Crossbow Bolts, ±.006 straightness, Q2i Vanes, 6 pack), which has ±1 grain weight tolerance across the 1/2 dozen, weighed and grouped to ensure the perfect match.
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