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CASRS technology - Carbon Arrow Stress Relief System

CASRS is a technology for the carbon arrow stress relief system. During the carbon preparation and curving stage, it produces more stress inside the carbon of the arrow, we use our CASRS system to remove the stress. Once this is done, the arrow will remain straight for a long time.

High Tensile Strength Carbon Fiber

REEGOX lab does a lot of testing on the carbon fiber. We select the highest tensile strength carbon fiber which is approximately 6,500 Mpa. The high tensile strength supplies the perfect force and strength required by the arrows. We never compromise with the safety of arrows.

Extreme-Carbon Technology

Benefit from our CNC 4-axis Carbon preparation and cutting machine. We can cut up to +/-45 and +/-75 degree of carbon fiber. The Extreme-carbon fiber supplies the extreme toughness for the arrow.